Thirteen programmes run in the Institute are:

  1. Agricultural Mechanization Technology
  2. Architectural Drafting
  3. Building Construction Technology
  4. Business Studies (Accounting Options, Keyboarding and Documentation, and Information Technology (IT) )
  5. Creative Art Technology
  6. Electrical Engineering Technology
  7. Fashion Designing Technology
  8. Furniture Design and Construction
  9. Mechanical Engineering Technology
  10. Motor Vehicle Engineering
  11. Plumbing and Gas Fitting Technology
  12. Welding and Fabrication Technology
  13. Wood Construction Technology


From the foregoing, I want to welcome prospective students in Ghana and outside Ghana to come to ASUTECH to acquire skills for life. We have the facilities and qualified human resource in readiness for teaching and learning.

Apart from the 3-year traditional TVET training programmes, the Institute runs short courses (tailor-made) in demand for people in the informal sector who want to upgrade their schools. These include traditional apprenticeship training. Training of Master Craftsmen, training of people in the Trade Associations

Under this scheme, prospective trainees approach management to indicate their desire for training. Relevant departmental resource persons meet with the trainees and undertake Needs Assessment after which tailor-made curricular is fashioned out in the CBT mode for delivery. Skills that industry requires are what are taught under this scheme which is mostly demand-driven/determined by the industry.

Let me once again invite stockholders who are interested in this scheme to approach the school for enrolment. COTVET provides accreditation and certification for such programmes.

In conclusion, let me reiterate that:

  • Everybody is trainable
  • Access to the institution is open to all
  • High quality, relevant (demand-driven) and effective TVET programmes are available.
  • There are learning opportunities in a serene environment.
  • International collaborations, partnership and networking are available.

Readers are sincerely welcome to the Asuansi Technical Institute where we combine skill training with pedagogy.