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It is with great pleasure that I welcome readers to the Asuansi Technical Institute portal. ASUTECH as it is popularly called is the oldest or premier Technical Institute in the whole of the West African Sub-region, established in 1917.

Our mandate is to provide skilled training to the youth and adults alike. Courses pursued have been indicated in another segment of this website. Junior High School graduates, Senior High School graduates, apprentices (otherwise known as “Block Release”) students qualify to attend the School. It is a three-year programme that leads to the award of Certificate II.

I assumed substantive head of this noble Institution on 5th January 2015 after being transferred from the Accra Technical Training Centre where I was Principal for seven years. Before I proceed further, I would like to talk about the role of Technical, Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in National Development.

TVET aims at equipping people with social and market oriented skills, ASUTECH is one of 45 public Ghana Education Service TVET institutions across the country. TVET is the master key to the development of every nation.

Let me quote a prevailing scenario in the Demand and Supply of TVET products in the world of work to buttress a point, “We are witnessing a young generation frustrated by the chronic mismatch between skills and work. The best answer to the economic downturn and youth unemployment is to ensure that young people acquire the basic skills and relevant training they need to enter the world of work with confidence”Irvina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO (2012). I could not agree more with this statement.

Asuansi Technical Institute is here to provide an answer to this assertion of “Mismatch” between skill training and its application at the work place.

We have put in place a wide range of learning experiences that are demand-driven and, relevant to the world of work through Competency Based Training (CBT).  Learning packages are suitable for the formal, non-formal and informal sectors of the economy. We equip people with capabilities that can broaden their opportunities in life.

Asutech therefore invites all and sundry to enroll their wards here for better training and employ-ability prospects.


While welcoming readers to Asuansi Technical Institute, let me take the opportunity to highlight on a few developments that the school is privileged to enjoy as a face-lift and expansion to its infrastructure and other services.

ASUTECH is privileged to benefit from Ghana Government/African Development Bank. Development Skills for Industry Project (DSIP) being implemented by the Project Support Unit of the Council on Technical Vocational and Training (COTVET). Under the project, 140 needy but brilliant students have been awarded full scholarships (Bursary) to enable them access Technical Education from form one to form three. This includes 40 females pursuing predominantly male dominated TVET programmes.

In another development Campaign for Female Education (CAMFED) has also awarded scholarships to as many as 154 female students who are also needy but brilliant. Other Scholarship schemes such as Ghana Cocoa Marketing Board, Merit and Faith-Based Scholarship are also available to about 54 students.

These social interventions have come to increase enrolment of the school considerably and have come as a relief to parents/guardians. This has offered many more students the opportunity to acquire skills. This statement is to inform parents, other patrons about this opportunity that is available here so that they could access training at ASUTECH for their wards.

Under the DSIP, there is massive expansion in Infrastructure of the school, as well as the Agricultural Mechanization Department being given a grant of 100,000 U.S dollars towards its Institutional Production Unit (IPU). The Department is going to undertake Agricultural Mechanization (irrigation systems) for vegetable production to feed the school dining hall and sell some to other institutions to boost its Internally Generated Funds (IGF).


From the foregoing, I want to welcome prospective students in Ghana and outside Ghana to come to ASUTECH to acquire skills for life. We have the facilities and qualified human resource in readiness for teaching and learning.

Apart from the 3-year traditional TVET training programmes, the Institute runs short courses (tailor-made) in demand for people in the informal sector who want to upgrade their schools. These include traditional apprenticeship training. Training of Master Craftsmen, training of people in the Trade Associations

Under this scheme, prospective trainees approach management to indicate their desire for training. Relevant departmental resource persons meet with the trainees and undertake Needs Assessment after which tailor-made curricular is fashioned out in the CBT mode for delivery. Skills that industry requires are what are taught under this scheme which is mostly demand-driven/determined by the industry.

Let me once again invite stockholders who are interested in this scheme to approach the school for enrolment. COTVET provides accreditation and certification for such programmes.

In conclusion, let me reiterate that:

  • Everybody is trainable
  • Access to the institution is open to all
  • High quality, relevant (demand-driven) and effective TVET programmes are available.
  • There are learning opportunities in a serene environment.
  • International collaborations, partnership and networking are available.

Readers are sincerely welcome to the Asuansi Technical Institute where we combine skill training with pedagogy.